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Save 2.25% Extra
on a New Home

Get 75% of
Our Commission

We Pay You
to Buy New

Why Use Us

  • Get Cash Back

    At New Homes Realty, we feel that new home buyers should be rewarded for all of their efforts. By searching for your home yourself, you save us time and money, so we pass the savings on to you!

  • The Best Rebate

    At New Homes Realty, we give new home buyers 2.25% cash back rebates - That's 75% of our usual 3% commission! It's one of the BEST new home rebates anywhere in South Carolina!

  • The Key to Savings

    We are the key to unlocking savings from commissions reserved for the buyer's Realtor. Don't leave money on the table! Commissions are factored into the price whether you use a Realtor or not.

  • Keep Your Discounts

    Your 2.25% cash back is in addition to any special promotional pricing, discounts, closing credits, free options, upgrades, or any other incentives that the Builder may be offering when you purchase.

  • New is Better

    We specialize in New Construction Homes - including Spec Homes / Quick Move-In Homes. Buying new is the better buy - you get to pick the home, lot, and upgrades and customize it all to fit your needs!

  • Choose Your Builder

    We work with all builders in South Carolina - Ashton Woods, D.R. Horton, Dan Ryan Builders, David Weekley Homes, Eastwood Homes, John Wieland Homes, Lennar, Pulte Homes, and many more!

Meet Our Team

Over 20 years combined real estate experience! Our goal is to help you save thousands extra on any new home!

Matt Redmer - Licensed in South Carolina since 2019. Also licensed in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Christy Redmer - Licensed in Florida since 2014.

3 Steps to 2.25%
(75% of Our Commission)

After you register with us, just let the builder’s site agent know you’re working with us when you visit any model homes. The builder pays us, so there’s no charge to use our service! And we work with new home buyers ANYWHERE in South Carolina!

Once you find your perfect home, we’ll help you make an offer and negotiate the best price for you. We’ll also make sure you still receive any special promotions, discounts, free options, or upgrades the builder is currently offering.

In addition to helping you get the best price on your new home, we also give you 75% of our commission! Your cashback can be used to reduce closing costs and pre-paids or buy down your interest rate.

1. Find Your Home

Register us as your Realtor with your Builder

2. Make an Offer

Negotiate the best price on your new home

3. Get Cashback!

We give you 2.25% (75% of our 3% commission)

A New Way To Buy New

Real estate has changed. Today, many homebuyers prefer to search for a new home online. The traditional real estate model is still playing by the old rules, but at New Homes Realty, we feel that homebuyers should be rewarded for all of their efforts.

No Agent /
No Representation

You Save

  • Example: $400,000 Home Price
  • You Get $0
  • Builder Keeps $12,000
  • No Representation
  • Assistance from Site Agent
  • No Transaction Fee
No Way!


You Save

  • Example: $400,000 Home Price
  • You Get $0
  • Realty Keeps $12,000
  • Agent Representation
  • Assistance from Site Agent
  • Up to $500 Transaction Fee
I'll Pass!


You Save

  • Redfin - $400k Home
  • You Get $1,400
  • Realty Keeps $10,600
  • Agent Representation
  • Assistance from Site Agent
  • No Transaction Fee?
No Thanks!

New Homes

You Save

  • New Homes Realty - $400k Home
  • You Get $9,000
  • We Only Keep $3,000
  • Agent Representation
  • Assistance from Site Agent
  • No Transaction Fee
Yes Please!

What Our Clients Say


Call/Text Us - (352) NEW-HOME

Or See Our Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no catch. It is a win-win – you get to save thousands on your new home and we get to work with a customer who would have bought a new home without us.

New Home Rebates are not very common, so not many people are aware of them. Some of the biggest names in the rebate real estate industry you may have heard of are Home Bay, Redfin, and REX. New Home Rebates are very similar to cashback reward credit cards. When you use a cashback credit card to make a purchase, you get a cashback credit on your billing statement. When you use a rebate realty to buy a new home, you get a cashback credit on the settlement statement at closing. A New Home Rebate is also similar to a rebate on a new car, cell phone, etc., but on a much larger scale.

We consider any home that is sold by a builder to be a New Home, including homes built from the ground up, Quick Move-In Homes (aka Move-In Ready, Quick Delivery, “Spec Homes”, Inventory Homes), and the Builder’s Model Home.

No, unlike other rebate real estate companies who require a minimum purchase price or use a sliding scale to issue a lower percentage cashback rebate for lower-priced homes, your full 2.25% new home cashback rebate is paid to you on a home for any price, provided that at least 3% commission is paid by the Builder (Seller).

No, unlike many real estate companies who charge a transaction fee up to $500, we do not charge any transaction fees.

On a typical transaction, we are paid 3% and we give you a 2.25% rebate. The rebate on a home purchased for $400,000 would usually be $9,000 ($400,000 x 2.25% = $9,000). Please note: Some builders only pay commissions on the base price of the home, and do not pay commissions on the lot premium or upgrades. Also, the minimum fee for our service is 0.75%. So if the commission offered by the Builder is less than 3%, your rebate will be adjusted accordingly (for example: 1.75% rebate if the Builder is only paying 2.5% commission, 1.25% rebate if the Builder is only paying 2% commission, etc.). To find out the commission the Builder is paying in order to estimate your rebate, you can simply ask the Builder’s Sales Agent what commission they are paying, or we can check with them to find out for you.

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Helpful Links

Rebate Calculator

The United States Department of Justice has a Rebate Calculator to help you calculate how much you can save on your new home.

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